General Questions

How do you purchase ChromeLED products and LED components?

All LED components, including 3mm/5mm lamps, SMD/Through-hole 7-Segment displays, SMD’s and PLCC, can be all be purchased directly through us or any of our authorized distributors.

Does ChromeLED offer custom LED light strips?
What colors can ChromeLED offer?
Is there a minimum order requirement for ChromeLED parts?
Where are ChromeLED products built?
Are ChromeLED components ISO certified and RoHS compliant?
I want to use an LED component in my device, but I am not exactly sure what I need. Can you help me?
What’s the lowest profile displays ChromeLED can offer?
Do you stock inventory here in the US?
What are some of the ChromeLED advantages over other LED manufacturers?
Do ChromeLED products meet RoHS, Halogen Free and Pb Free requirements?
Does ChromeLED offer UV and IR LEDs?

Technical Questions

Do you need a separate heat sink for ChromeLED components, such as surface mount LED’s or 7-Segment displays?

Most LED components, including PLCC and SMD Displays, have built in heat dissipation pads and no additional heat sinks are required. Some High Power LED’s may require additional heat dissipation devices, but mid power parts, such as 2835’s and 3030’s, do not.

What is the IP rating on ChromeLED strips, and what do the numbers stand for?
How do you purchase ChromeLED products and LED components?
I need tight bin sorting on my application. Is this something ChromeLED can provide?
Does ChromeLED provide LM-80 Test Report for lighting applications?
What is Color Rendering Index (CRI)? Can ChromeLED offer different CRI?
What is wavelength?
What doe CBI stand for? What type of application uses CBI?
What is Chip-On-Board?

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For the past decade, ChromeLED has supplied cost effective solutions around the world. With strong R&D, combined with manufacturing flexibility, our full line of products continue to expand and contour towards LED market demands. The top priority has always been simple –

Provide the most effective solution for each LED requirement”.

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