ChromeLED Light strips are the perfect illumination solution when conventional lighting is not an answer. With our broad range of selection, whether it is rigid or flexible, RGB or white, our standard offerings offer the perfect balance between quality and cost savings. Can’t find exactly what you need? ChromeLED offers customized strips, built exactly to your specifications, and ready to go right out of the package.

ChromeLED offers strips in all colors: Red, Green, Blue, White, RGB, Warm White + Cool White, as well as RGB+White.

  • Need it waterproof? Our products can be rated up to IP68.
  • Strips can be built with intelligent LED’s that include their own IC’s.
  • Rigid or Flexible? Plastic Housing or Silicon? Design it yourself.

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About Us

For the past decade, ChromeLED has supplied cost effective solutions around the world. With strong R&D, combined with manufacturing flexibility, our full line of products continue to expand and contour towards LED market demands. The top priority has always been simple –

Provide the most effective solution for each LED requirement”.

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