High Power LED


Discover new ChromeLED high power series range from 0.5W to 3W. Unique package design offers performance exceeding most fluorescent solutions.

1W 6x6

ProductColorDominant Wavelength (λ)typtical Intensity (mcd)Typical Intensity (lm)IF (mA)Viewnig AngleData sheet
CSH66R3C RED 620nm~630nm 14600 40 400 120 PDF
CSH66A3C AMBER 612nm~620nm 11500 35 400 120 PDF
CSH66Y3C YELLOW 585nm~597nm 11500 35 400 120 PDF
CSH66GT3ZC GREEN 520nm~535nm 23000 75 350 120 PDF
CSH66B3ZC BLUE 460nm~475nm 6750 20 350 120 PDF
CSH66R3GT2B2C RGB 625nm/525nm/465nm 4500/5600/1400 - 120 125 PDF

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