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Light Bar

Standard Light Bars for Illumination and Backlight. Industry standard size with excellent appearance.

Light Bar

ProductDescriptionCommon PinColorDominant Wavelength (λ)Min Intensity (mcd)Typical Intensity (mcd)IF (mA)Data sheet
CDL66RR1W 0.60"x0.60" LIGHT BAR ANODE RED 645 15 25 20 PDF
CDL66G2W 0.60" X0.60"LIGHT BAR ANODE GREEN 570 288 500 20 PDF
CDL83A2W 0.80"x0.28" LIGHT BAR ANODE AMBER 606 - 60 20 PDF
CDL83Y2W 0.80"x0.28" LIGHT BAR ANODE YELLOW 590 - 60 20 PDF
CDL83G2W 0.80"x0.28" LIGHT BAR ANODE GREEN 571 - 30 20 PDF
CDL83GG1W 0.80"x0.28" LIGHT BAR ANODE GREEN 560 - 8 20 PDF
CDL83GT2W 0.80"x0.28" LIGHT BAR ANODE GREEN 525 - 200 20 PDF
CDLB82R2G2W 0.80"x0.20" LIGHT BAR ANODE RED/GREEN 639/571 - 30/25 20 PDF
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