ChromeLED announces redesigned demo boxes

ChromeLED, a leading manufacturer of lamps, displays, and other innovative lighting products, announces its new redesigned demo boxes. This new compact box packs a wide array of products including standard surface mount displays, alphanumeric displays, and even ChromeLED’s unique high power line.

ChromeLED offers the standard seven segment and alphanumeric surface mount displays, ranging in sizes from 0.20” to 0.56”, and offered in single digits up to quad digits. They can be produced in all standard colors, as well as blue, white, or any other specific color wavelength that may be desired. ChromeLED also offers custom displays that can be tooled to your specific needs.


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For the past decade, ChromeLED has supplied cost effective solutions around the world. With strong R&D, combined with manufacturing flexibility, our full line of products continue to expand and contour towards LED market demands. The top priority has always been simple –

Provide the most effective solution for each LED requirement”.

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