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Wednesday, 02 October 2013 17:00

ChromeLED announces redesigned demo boxes

ChromeLED, a leading manufacturer of lamps, displays, and other innovative lighting products, announces its new redesigned demo boxes. This new compact box packs a wide array of products including standard surface mount displays, alphanumeric displays, and even ChromeLED’s unique high power line.

ChromeLED offers the standard seven segment and alphanumeric surface mount displays, ranging in sizes from 0.20” to 0.56”, and offered in single digits up to quad digits. They can be produced in all standard colors, as well as blue, white, or any other specific color wavelength that may be desired. ChromeLED also offers custom displays that can be tooled to your specific needs.


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Monday, 12 March 2018 18:37

Chromeled's Automotive LED Application

Traditional automotive lighting sources such as incandescent and halogen lamps are things in the past. ChromeLEDs are widely known for their consistency, energy efficiency and robustness in comparison to their counterparts. Below are ChromeLED series design to target automotive applications:

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LED’s have quickly become an integrated part of our daily life, whether we notice it or not. They are being used in almost every type of illumination, even with 7 segment displays replacing simple numerical displays. But what about the LED’s that emit light that cannot be seen on the visible spectrum? IR LED’s have become just as popular, ranging in uses from remote control devices, security systems, and even covert military applications.

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Ultraviolet electromagnetic radiation, or as it is more commonly known UV, has quickly become one of the hottest LED components, and is used in many industries covering many different applications. With the availability of UV LED’s increasing, this has opened up a number of new and innovating opportunities that weren’t available with traditional mercury UV Lamps. UV LED’s boast a much longer operating life and efficiency, as well as being non-lethal towards the environment, compared to before.

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